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It would help the technology aspect of this project to stand out more (for those who are interested in that side of things) if there was optional/toggle-able highlighting to reveal which text was written by the AI and which was written by a human. If applied to the player-submitted adventures as well, it could help players learn from each other how to interact with the AI to have a better experience.

The three cases it would mainly need to handle at present are:

1. Player-written prompts
2. AI-written responses
3. Player edits to AI-written text

Being new to the game, I've discovered so far that I can have good results by entering ALL of my actions using the "story" entry method and , however this can make it very difficult to tell which text was mine and which was the AI's, especial when I am liberally editing/curating the AI's responses. I'd like to be able to save a copy of my story on my disk that includes an indication of what part of the writing is my own.

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