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Sometimes, you make a story and the AI just keeps trying to move things along without your input, like:
"Your deadline's coming up soon and you begin to worry, your boss wont like it if you're late again!"
">quickly grab a hamburger from the cafeteria, then rush back to your work as fast as possible"
"You eat hamburgers and fries for lunch. The next day, you and your wife decide to take a road trip, choosing to bring along Fido and Jeff for the ride. It takes a bit of work to fit everything in the car, but-"

That can be good in some stories, but it gets annoying when you're trying to control the narrative. Sometimes the game gets so persistent about wanting you to go off on some unrelated tangent that you have to post, /revert, post, /revert five or six times until you finally get a relevant response.

TL;DR: what about a slider/toggle in the options that tells the AI to be more or less insistent about railroading you places?

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Under consideration AI feature

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