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Aside from it blatantly refusing to remember my name despite /remember you are bob, it simply won't remember anything.

> /remember You are bob.
Your wife looks at you in tears. I love you John.

or here is a most recent example

You see a group of beggars begging for alms
>/remember beggars kill anyone they see on sight
> [You] walk up and greet the beggars.
You ask the beggar for money for a ride back home. He gives you a few coins and thanks you before leaving.
>/remember the beggar now wants to kill you
You thank him profusely and take the money.
After getting off the carriage, you head into a local tavern. .....

The AI is simply ignoring anything I do.

I tried posting this a couple times earlier, but they're not showing up. Trying again on a different web browser..

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Under consideration AI bug

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