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If they're being generated anyways, may as well not have them to go to waste. I'd love to be able to select the best response, as it often makes a lot of invalid ones and the time taken hitting retry and hoping for the best can get tiresome or frustrating.

If a retry showed the whole batch, it'd be easier to see when we're using up more resources, but it'd also just help a lot with inspiration and lowering annoyance. Even if I don't use one of the others, I might edit some of its idea in to the one I did go with, making for better quality than any single retry on its own.

You'd also be able to see when more retries is likely to be futile, because the upcoming ones have it stuck on something. You could change your approach sooner, rather than mashing the retry button hoping to get lucky so much.

It definitely makes sense to be optional, as it would work amazingly for some playstyles (like mine), but maybe not as much for others. (Somebody less self-limiting might prefer them hidden.)

Suggested by: Xaia Upvoted: 15 Jan

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