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I've been playing around with trying to create a scenario, but it's a frustrating experience, because the AI completely ignores world info more than half the time.

For example, I'm trying to construct a star trek scenario. There's an alien named Kerr. I have some world info with "Kerr" as a tag. The info says that she is an Arran, she looks like an ostrich with two necks and two heads. I run the scenario, and if I can persuade the game to include her at all, most of the time she is described as a human woman.

Similarly, there's another Arran named Haar who is supposed to ask you to rescue Kerr. Sometimes he does; but more often he asks you to do some other random thing like overthrowing the Arran government.

If there actually is some relevant world info present, the AI should parse that first and give it priority over its own randomly generated content.

Suggested by: Shasarak Upvoted: 03 Mar

Under consideration AI bug

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