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I didn't knew how to title this idea. My suggestion is that AI will randomly pick one of elements from category from world info. Let's say i have scenario where i am a lord of castle and i have servants. They are described in world info like this (just keys):
Character name,servant,servants,castle

Even if i refer to them by 3 keys (building a sentence like "You demand one of your servants from castle. A servant comes to you and you see that it's...") and at this point AI just generates new name or picks one name from remember or past inputs/outputs. It's really rare to make AI use actual name like that.

So i thought about making categories like location, character and so on. If a character comes in, AI could pick one character labeled like that, same for locations and so on. I know it could be hard to do, but i believe that it would extremely improve experience with AID.

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